Introduction Pro Biotech

Probiotech started their entrepreneurial career in 2009-2010 with strong intentions, determination and commitment. We are multiproduct marketing company of Themis pharmaceuticals & Kopran laboratoriesltdbased at INDORE (M.P.), team of 100 employees working across India, Its annual turnover is 100 cr.

Vision / Mission

Vision :

The vision of Probiotech is to be “The globalleader in Pharma industry, creating customer delight and shareholder’s wealth”. A pride of India.


To uphold our social responsibilities of delivering highest standard healthcare services to all segments of society without compromising on our core values of integrity, good ethics and commitments.

Probiotech’s Management & Leadership Principles

Probiotech wishes to pursue in achieving it’s objectives through people. Thus the HR Strategy for Probiotech has the following objectives:-

  • To enable the management to achieve organizational objectives through staff performance.
  • To enable management to offer full & equal opportunities to every employee.
  • To associate members of staff at every level in decision making.
  • To develop a coherent and consistent set of human resource and employment policies that reinforces Probiotech’s strategies.
  • To foster commitment from individuals to the success of Probiotech through high quality performance as well as to create conditions in which teamwork and quality can flourish.


  • 162, Sector-D, Sanwer Road, Indore, Madhya Pradesh, India

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