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ZEAL LIFESCIENCES PVT.LTD is one of the largest manufacturers of aluminum collapsible tubes and laminated tubes in central India which provides packaging solutions to the pharmaceutical, Adhesives and Cosmetics industries.

The company was acquired by fdcigroup in the year 2012 and is continuously growing after that. It has production capacity of 15 million tubes/monthand further taking it to nearly 20 million tubes/month with the addition of new Swiss technology to our existing production line of lami tubes.

We have also diversified our product range from manufacturing aluminum collapsible tubes back in 2012 to adding lami tubes in the year 2014 to adding printing line of laminates and sticker labels in 2018 and caps and closures in the year 2019.

From operating in a plant of 5000 sqft to having a production area of 35000 sqft. We have grown in all directions. From taking our market from domestic to international and addition of various valuable and big organizations in our client list we have proved our core mission of continuous development.

Our Product / Our Customers / Future Plans

Aluminum collapsible tubes :-

The most preferred type of packaging used in pharmaceuticals and adhesives industries due to its property of strong barrier against the outside environment and hence providing a better shelf life. We supply tubes ranging from 12.5 dia to 36 dia tubes with different types of nozzles suitable for different kind of industries. With the combination of different types of external base coat and inks aluminum tubes are appealing and with the addition of internal protective coating shelf life can further be enhanced.

Aluminum Collapsible Tubes suitable for various applications with compatible internal protective coatings or internally plain include:

  • Pharmaceutical Creams and Ointments.
  • Ophthalmic tubes for eye care.
  • Cosmetic products –Skin Care and Hair Care applications
  • Adhesive Products-Cyanoacrylate adhesives, silican based adhesives,2Pack adhesives for various applications.

Lami tubes :-

Lami tubes are multi layered tubes made up with the combination of different layers of LLDPE films and aluminum foil to enhance the barrier property.

Laminate are composite material made from LLDPE that form the core barrier of the tube body. They help in keeping the content fresh and safe with multiple layers of foil. These catches customers eye in a better manner as there is a vast variety of finishes and design possibilities.They are highly used in Pharma tubes, Oral care, Food industry, Cosmetics.

We are having advance set of machinery to provide tubes with seamless joints. Also having in house production of caps to have an edge over quality and delivery of the orders.

We have facility to manufacture almost 15 million tubes / month. Having Dia range from 12.5 MM – 35 Dia tubes in both PBL and ABL.

Client List :-

Customers are at the top priority for Zeal lifesciences P ltd. Best customer service and timely deliveries are they key points we have. And that’s one of the major reason we are associated with Clients from PAN India and Foreign countries. Here are some of the prestigious Clients we are associated with.

  1. Leben Laboratories
  2. Laborate pharmaceuticals
  3. Zenith Drugs
  4. Syncom formulations
  5. Sagar vitaceuticals
  6. Akums drugs and pharmaceuticals
  7. Gemini pharmaceuticals
  8. Astral adhesives
  9. Biodeal pharma
  10. Super formulations

Future Plans :-

With just 10 years period (2012-2022) in this field we have manifold our production capacity and customer base by 10X. We strive for innovation and continuous upbringing of new age technologies in order to meet expectations of our customers and bring a step forward to emerge as a world leader in packaging industry.


  • 81-b, Industrial Areasector-1, A.b. Road, Dewas - 455001, Madhya Pradesh, India

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